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Cover Art Experiment: Anchor & Braille

The Call

The Response

I'm not much of a poet, wordsmith or phrase-coiner, but sure — I'll take a swing. :)



Inspired by a line in Fatal Flaw:

We never stare very long into mirrors / we're under our own spell

In this context, mirrors are a negative inference, since we tend to avoid examining the speck in our eyes, don't we?

But mirrors can take on a positive connotation, depending on what's reflected. The moon reflecting the sun's brighter light. A child imitating the heroes they admire.


Reflected image of a valley — placing yourself in another's shoes, following in their footsteps, it may very well change the way you see the world.

"Kindred Spirits"


This one's a little meta: it actually comes from Stephen's action of reaching out to fans for creative input on the record via Facebook and Twitter.

Opening the floor to friends and fans for creative input on something that is classically regarded as an artist's personal expression is quite a compliment to the fans, if I may say so. Finding yourself among like-minded individuals who think and feel the way you do is a warm, encouraging feeling.


Ripples/waves. Feedback. I watched the flood of replying comments to Stephen's request for ideas on Facebook and Twitter, a waterfall of ideas bouncing back and forth — some helpful, others playful, but all creative and fun.

"Borrowed Words"


Honestly, there's no real deep thought or meaning behind this one. This was purely based on how I felt listening to Anchor & Braille over the years. "Borrowed Words" is shorter than: "Wow. I couldn't have said it better myself."


I kept thinking about flowers. For centuries, humans have used flowers in the way we use greeting cards, to communicate a feeling or meaning to those we care about. It's like we want the flowers to speak for us, say something when we can't find the words ourselves. I'm not sure why I chose Orchids in particular here — I just felt they captured the elegance of the soft introspective pianos and strings of the A&B sound.

What say you? Love it? Hate it? ...Meh?

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